Upcoming OGSA Board Elections (Update: Final Results)

OGSA will be having our annual elections October 4th, @6:30 at our 151st facility.

***Results Below***

On Monday 10/4/21 OGSA held its annual election of officers.  There were 10 positions open including Vice President and Treasurer (President and Secretary are not up for re-election until next year).

We are happy to announce the following results:
Vice-President: Jeff Wallace
Treasurer: John Bott
T-Ball Commissioner:
8U Commissioner: Steve Dickey
10U Commissioner: Rich McCoy
12U Commissioner: Nick Reppond
14U Commissioner:
16/18U Commissioner:
At-Large Commissioners:
Troy Schuh
Cynthia Adams
Wally Reynolds
Chris Olsen
Richard Brooks

As you can see several of the Age Commissioner positions are still open but will be assigned at our first OGSA Board Meeting in the coming weeks.  If there are any questions etc., please call the OGSA hotline.

Thank You!
Dan Eakin
President, OGSA