Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather we will update our weather information by 4pm on league nights. We will continue to update if weather conditions change after 4pm. For tournaments we try and update 1.5 to two hours prior to start and throughout the day if weather changes. 

There are three ways to receive weather updates for OGSA league games and tournaments.

Option 1
To access weather updates you can download the app, search for USA Softball Kansas City and look for Olathe Girls Complex and Lone Elm within the app. This option includes app notifications/alerts on your mobile device.
Option 2
Call 816-222-0076 Ext 5 for Lone Elm, Ext 6 for OGSA 151st
Option 3
Visit our website (

Important note…all options above contain the same information. OGSA Staff updates facility weather information in one location and it is synced to all platforms mentioned above.

Thanks for playing OGSA!