Indoor Hitting League Rules


• Each team will bat 4 players per inning 

• Each player (8u) will get 5 hittable pitches per inning 

• Each player (10u and up) will get 6 hittable pitches per inning – the first pitch of each inning is to be bunted, if it’s fair it’s worth 1 point 

• Games will be 7 innings or 45 minutes – whichever comes first 

• An inning is completed when a team has batted 4 players 

• Helmets must be worn at all times 

• The team with the most points at the end of the league in each age group wins the league 

• Any foul language or throwing of bats/helmets will result in player disqualification 

• Teams may use a substitute player if the regular team member is absent 

• It will be up to each team to provide their own coach/parent to feed the pitching machine OGSA will provide a scorekeeper each night for each batting cage. Scorekeepers have the final say. 


• A fair bunt (10u and up) on the first pitch of each inning = 1 point 

• Hard hit ground ball that doesn’t hit the ground before the pink tape = 1 point 

• Line drive hit under the blue rope = 1 point 

• Line drive hit between the blue and red rope = 2 points 

• Line drive hit above the red rope = 3 points 

• Line drive into the pitchers net/pitching machine = 4 points 

• Line drive hitting the back of the net behind the pitching machine = 5 points 

• Any other ball hit off the top of the net or turf floor in fair territory = 0 points 

• A swing and miss/foul ball = 0 points PITCHING MACHINE SPEEDS Coaches/Parents MUST have the machine set between the speeds listed below for each age division. The only exception is if a team would like to go higher than the maximum speed. Once the machine is set at a speed – it needs to remain there throughout the entire session. 

• 8u: 30-35mph 

• 10u: 35-40mph 

• 12u: 40-45mph 

• 13 and Above: 45-50mph