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  • Our 10U kid/coach pitch team is looking to add 3 more players to our team. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact Trisha Hughes (913)449-9592 or

  • Advanced Fastpitch Academy's (AFA) new 10U development team has a few roster spots remaining for the spring/summer season. AFA is an elite and college preparatory program. However, we recognize that great softball players need instruction and support to reach their potential early on in their development. This is the focus of our young player development program.
    This team is for players that want to advance to more competitive play, but who need a little extra focus and training to get there. We are looking for players with a positive attitude and a strong work ethic ... with those attributes, we can teach the rest!
    For more information on AFA, please feel free to review our website or reach out directly at or 913-217-8690.
    Overview of the AFA Development Program
    The AFA developmental program has been designed to fulfill the needs of young players that are in between the stages of recreational ball to a more competitive environment of travel and tournament ball. Some young players are not ready for the regimented training needed to play in our academy and need TIME to develop not only fundamental skills needed to step up the game and have success, but also have TIME to develop a love for the game and what the game can truly teach.
    Many Coaches for teams need help in a multitude of areas and are faced with time constraints due to multiple children, work load and scheduling conflicts. Many of these coaches are parents who are simply volunteering their time to take a team and provide the opportunity for their group of children to enjoy the game of softball. These coaches are not usually professional coaches or even played at the ranks above high school ball. Many of these coaches lack the experience in coaching young athletes and may not have the experience, patience or knowledge needed to provide a great experience for the athletes on their team. There is a lot of time and uncharted territories that many youth coaches just don’t know.
    The developmental program is the answer for both parents and coaches. We will provide professional instruction to our coaches to train them on how to become a transformational coach and how to integrate basic fundamental skills during training sessions needed for players to advance their skills through practice plans and drills. Each team’s training regimen has to be customized to fit the need of the team. We will be the support for coaches and provide some of the necessary managerial services needed to assist in team operation and scheduling.

  • 8U team looking for several girls to fill out our roster.  We are looking for girls at all skill levels as this is a time to assist in their development.  With that said, we are most likely going to move up to 10U in the fall to prepare us for next spring.  We like for the girls to learn and have fun while doing it.  We are also looking to play in a couple of tournaments this year.  Please reach out with any questions
    919-210-1329 mobile number

  • The Ponytail Express is in need of a few ladies to fill our roster. We are in the 10c division. We are looking for a solid pitcher as well as any position players. We focus on good sportsmanship and doing it the right way with positive coaching and creating a solid team environment.  Please feel free to call or text Jeramie at 913-424-7471. Also email at

  • 12U team looking for several girls to fill our roster. Specifically looking for pitchers, but most positions are open. Our team has been together since t-ball. Fun team looking to do a few tournaments this season. Or if your team needs some players please let us know.
    Text 913-963-5799

  • 10u-c/Kid Pitch Pink Ladies are looking to add 1 players to our roster for the upcoming season.  All positions are open.  We are a team that has been together for 3 years that is looking to transition the girls to tournaments.  Our coaches have coached multiple daughters at many levels at OGSA and in tournaments.  We provide a fun learning environment.  If interested Contact Doug Gaughan at 913-706-3459 or

  • We are looking to add one more player to our roster.
    Seeking a motivated utility player with a good bat.
    We are not looking for pitchers or catchers.
    4 tournaments this fall.
    10 or so tournaments in spring/summer.
    May travel for 1 indoor in Jan. or Feb.
    We practice in Olathe Tue and Thur and have BP on Sat we don't play.Feel free to contact me if interested.

    Grant Lindquist

  • 14u-c Dazzling Diamonds are looking to add 2 solid players to our roster for the upcoming season.  We are needing a utility player and outfield who is willing to commit to a rebuilt competitive team.  Contact O'Desian Little at 913-944-1701.

Bandits 14U and 16U teams are looking for girls to fill out teams. We are a competitive team based out of Southern Overland Park. Our team had to split between 14U and 16U this year, so we need to fill spots on both teams. Our 14U team will play league and tournaments this Spring and Summer. Our goal is to start in 14C and move up to 14B. Our 16U team will play tournaments after the High School season is over. Winning is great but not our primary focus. We want the girls to be better than when they started. If interested please contact Wendy Hood (913) 219-2153.

If you would like your team's information posted on this page, please send an email with what you would like posted to:

Players needing Teams


If you would like your child's information posted on this page, please send an email with what you would like posted to:

  • 14U girl with natural talent looking to join a team but has not participated in softball leagues for a few years. She would do great on a C team. Please contact Lakin by text or call at (618) 698-1482. Thanks.

  • My daughter is looking for a 12U team. She has played for 6 years and usually plays in the infield. Her pitching is coming along. Solid hitter. Contact Mike at or call/text at 913-209-9653

  • My Daughter is looking for a 10U team,  she has some pitching experience.    She has been playing since t-ball and still developing her skills.   Please contact me at  or call 913-259-1042

  • 9 years old, will turn 10 in May. Has been on the ball field since tball. Utility player with experience pitching. Contact Julia for more information:

  • Player for 10U looking for new team. Previous team has broken up. Plays second, short and out field. Excellent bunting skills. Has been playing for 5 years. Contact Nikki at for more information.

  • Player for 10U looking for new team. Previous team has broken up. 10 years old, will turn 11 in June. Has been playing since 7. Catcher with experience pitching, also 1st base or short stop. Contact Jodi for more information: Interested in league only, maybe a few tournaments.

  • 14U C Player looking for a new team. She will be 15 on 1/11. Has played ball since she was in T-ball. Plays 2nd, SS & LF. Would like a team she can grow with over the next few years and a coach who will really help her master 2nd base. Ideally would be a South Johnson County team. Feel free to text me at 913-210-9948.